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Readability Redux – Ease your reading on Internet

It has been a long time already since I’ve been using a great extension for Google Chrome : Readability Redux. I wanted to write a few words about it.

When I browse (using Google Chrome) from site to site I like to have an overall feeling of the site I’m currently browsing (with or without ads), but when it comes to reading an article or a blogpost, all I want to do is to be focused on the reading. I have no need for graphical distractions or artefacts, website or blog theme, targeted ads or flashing stuff that are placed all around the article I want to read.

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Belgacom FON : Privacy aspects and technical considerations

Belgacom announced Free Wifi Hotspots using FON Last June 2011; Its deployment started on November 2011 and recently landed on my B-Box2. Cool isn’t it? … Well … maybe, maybe not.

Let me share my view on this.

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Rapportive: Replace Google Ads in Gmail with Social CRM – First Impression

I received a tweet today from @chrislogiste: LifeHacker released an article about Rapportive. Reading through, as well as the articles from ReadWriteWeb and TheNextWeb, it seems interesting and I want to explore more about what this add-on is about.

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Google Buzz : Avez-vous réalisé son impact sur votre vie privée?

Google Buzz est une nouvelle fonctionnalité offerte dans Gmail. Voici la présentation officielle (en Anglais) de Google Buzz.


J’ai un tout petit peu testé cette nouvelle fonctionnalité. Cependant je me suis rapidement arrêté car je veux comprendre et mesurer quels impacts Google Buzz induit à mon outil de mail quotidien.

Ça buzze/blogue dans tout les sens sur Internet. Je pense avoir lu pas moins de 20 articles ces derniers jours sur Gbuzz, l’acronyme déjà utilisé pour nommer ce service.

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Prism add-on for Firefox kicks Google Chrome out.


When Google launched Google Chrome, I did have a go with it and eventually uninstalled it mainly because I was frustrated the way Google Chrome installed itself on my machine.

Some weeks ago, I decided to give it a go again because I remembered one cool thing about Chrome, the application shortcut. That particular feature is a real adding value one. So I eventually used Chrome again not for my daily browsing activities but for gmail. I must admit it is very cool to launch my “gmail” application shortcut from the quick launch bar just like I would do for any application. Indeed experiencing gmail through Google Chrome with the application shortcut is great.

However as soon as I was using a link from an email, Google Chrome was used as the browser. It does the job; I didn’t come across browsing problem, but I discovered the web again: crowded and polluted with Ads. Damned, Adblock (or similar) is cruelly missing.

Recently I’ve been testing Google Wave (and still do). To make the Wave experience as full as possible I used a Google Chrome application shortcut. Indeed using Google Wave that way makes me feel I use a regular app on my machine. The experience is nice. But again, clicking on links launches Google Chrome as a browser and here comes the Ads.

I’ve been surprised that add-ons for Chrome haven’t exploded in numbers. The most wanted one, an adblock-like is not a reality yet. For sure, some solutions exist (scripts to install, Adsweep, Privoxy) but none of them are smooth to install and use for a typical user (those ones that are not IT savvy). For a second time, Google Chrome failed to become my preferred browser.

How can I get this great application shortcut approach then on my preferred browser, Firefox. This gets resolved with Prism Add-On for Firefox. This is nothing new (version 0.2 was out in March 2008) but its 1.0b2 is freshly installed on my machine.

I now have my Google Mail and Google Wave application shortcuts through Prism and Firefox.  Yabba badda boo!

I guess I don’t need Google Chrome anymore.

What is your view ? Do you still use Google Chrome ? Have you installed an Adblock-like add-on/program for Google Chrome? Did you returned from Google Chrome to Firefox ? Do you use Prism add-on for Firefox?