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The Migration of my Blog

The migration of my blog from to is now *nearly* completed.

This is a journey for me, First experience is always interesting. You learn from your errors; you are happy with *what will looks like later as* simple achievements.; you read blog’s articles here and there, FAQ, etc.

No rush, no pressure, I’m here because I decided to.

Nouveau thème pour le blog

Cela faisait déjà longtemps que je souhaitais changer le look de ce blog, … c’est maintenant chose faite… enfin dans le web rien n’est jamais définitif.

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Pause Chocolat


Vinciane Born, une amie, s’est lancée dans l’aventure d’un blog: Elle y public chaque jour ou presque un article. C’est fresh, c’est agréable à lire et divertissant.

Je lui souhaite beaucoup de succès dans cette aventure.

Allez donc y faire un tour ! C’est par ici.

Buzzer pour Fuzz – To buzz for Fuzz

This is a crazy but true story that landed at the door of Eric Dupin. I’m not going to explain again the story. In a nutshell, Fuzz (currently showing a “on hold” page) is being sued by a French Star because Fuzz linked to an old rumor about that French Star.

For those who speak French, I rather invite you to read the what Eric has published so far: here and here.

For those who don’t, Xavier gives on his blog an overview in English. Its post talks about other aspects but here is what he writes about the “Fuzz Story”.

Eric, the man behind the news aggregation website Fuzz and the Presse-Citronblog is being assigned in Court by a Star who is claiming that a link (not an article, a link) pointing to an article, and posted automatically, by RSS, on Fuzz, and which was buried in several thousands of other such links, was an intrusion in his private life! The Star, who’s probably worth several billion euros, is asking for 35.000 euros. Oh, did Imention that the Star didn’t even first ask Eric to delete the link?!?

The French speaking Blogosphere is rallying behind Eric, and from the various comments I’ve read, he’s probably in a good position to win in court.

Courage Eric ! La blogosphère francophone se mobilise pour toi. Ca buzz dure.

So that’s for the buzz.

How do I read it from my 1 week old blog experience….

Disclaimer, terms of agreements, privacy policy, etc might become a must-have soon even for our little blogs if these stories become a common reality. I felt stupid when I created my disclaimer (which is far from being ok in its current version) but after all maybe not. I might add a new paragraph in it about information I relay using links into my posts. And if readers start hitting often my blog, I might have to get it all seriously reviewed by an expert or a lawyer.

Starting my blog

The creation of my personal blog started a few days ago: initial layout design, set up of the environment for my future articles, etc.

Today is the go-live day. I invite you to read my “About” page to get some understanding on the Why.

I would like to thank Xavier for the various emails/IMs we had recently talking about setting up my own blog.

Blog needs content. So Check this first article second article as you just read my first article, this one. 😉