Readability Redux – Ease your reading on Internet

It has been a long time already since I’ve been using a great extension for Google Chrome : Readability Redux. I wanted to write a few words about it.

When I browse (using Google Chrome) from site to site I like to have an overall feeling of the site I’m currently browsing (with or without ads), but when it comes to reading an article or a blogpost, all I want to do is to be focused on the reading. I have no need for graphical distractions or artefacts, website or blog theme, targeted ads or flashing stuff that are placed all around the article I want to read.

This is where Readability Redux comes into play! When Installed, Simply click on Icon of Readability Redux in Google Chrome Navigation Bar , the Readability Redux Icon that sits in the Navigation Bar; the page “reloads” in a simplified page layout and you enter into a world of quietness for reading the article/blogpost without distractions. So simple.


Installing this extension is dead easy. Go the the Google Chrome Web Store, search for “Readability Redux” and add it to Chrome.

Install Readability Redux from the Google Chrome Web Store
The icon will now appear in the Navigation Bar, Configure Readability Redux the way you want:

Contextual Menu of Readability Redux from the Navigation Bar

There is only a few options that control the style of the text and its background, the size of the font and the width of the text and 3 additional checkbox as shown below.

Options of Readability Redux

That’s it, you are ready for entering into a new way of consuming articles/blogposts. (Note: Right after the installation, you will have to reload the web pages you had already opened before installing Readability Redux in order to use the newly installed extension)


I must admit it doens’t work for every website I browse but for 95% of them, It does and it is a definite plus.

Try it and let me know!

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