Bringing IT to Live – A review of the conference held at UCB

Last week, Thursday 30th October, I attended to an Event organized by UCB at their HeadQuarters. UCB invited Peter Hinssen, Managing Partner Across Technology and author of “The New Normal” to talk around “How Companies Should Address a Society Without Digital Limits”. As UCB is used to, A first speaker, a patient, talked about her experience. We also had an introduction of Fabien Enderlin, Executive VP Corporate Human Resources UCB, and Herman De Prins, CIO, on “How IT Became a Core Activity of UCB”. Peter’s session was interesting and nicely presented. A good sense of on-stage show.

Here are a couple of statements I recall from his slides.

  • Yesterday, Digital was novelty, The Old Normal. Tomorrow (Today), Digital is the norm, The New Normal.
    –> My take on this: damned I should be born, euh … now 🙂
  • New rules of the New Normal are:
    a) Zero tolerance for failure.
    b) “Good enough” technology example are Gmail, videocam from your smartphone, Skype, etc.
  • Content is no longer the king, Contact is the new king (and the user is the dictator)
    –> My take on this: a company better have to engage with its customer about what content is expected.
  • T-Shaped Individual. A picture, taken from my good enough camera, is probably better than a long paragraph.

 This was followed by a reception where informal discussion and networking were going in between sandwiches and drinks. All the participants had the opportunity to receive the latest book from Peter. The book is a sort of special edition as it is sponsorised by UCB and the cover and the back have a reference to UCB and a quote from the CIO. The Author was also available during the reception for a talk with the invitees. I obviously took the opportunity to introduce myself and talk a couple of minutes with him.

Have a look to this Youtube video: a short video from Peter Hinssen explaining The New Normal.


 If you like it or are willing to get more videos: Peter+Hinssen+The+New+Normal on

I’ll quote Peter Hinssen to close this article.

“Make the New Normal be with you!”

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