Monthly Archive for June, 2008

Update on the Protected Page Problem

Sadly, LittleG’s Hidden Journey is still stopped because of Protected Page problem.

Since mid-April, I’ve been in contact with WordPress Support a couple of times via email and they have been helpful. WordPress acknowledged that they had an issue with the protected pages and they eventually told me that a fix on the server side should resolve it and would be put in a list of problem to fix.

The problem was that you had to wait for 10min in between each tentative of incorrect access to a protected page as soon as you entered the wrong password no matter if you were clearing you browser cache or not.

Lately I’ve been recontacted by the WordPress Support about my prob. The case was not gone dead and is still in the radar scope of “Nick” the WordPress Support contact.

Apparently something has been made on the server side but my problem is not yet entirely fixed.

So I’m back on my sandbox blog for more testing.

Step by step, I hope this will get fixed or to find a workaround and so I’ll be able to reopen the LittleG’s Hidden Journey.